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Little Hands is an exclusive English Magazine for children published from Trivandrum. It is a unit of Simple Graphics (SG's) that deals in educational CDs. It is sure to entertain and educate children. It is designed in a manner that it adds to their imagination and makes them resourceful. Regular reading of Little Hands will contribute to their word power and general standard of English language.

We promise to introduce to children the best models in English writing. Classic novels will be retold and published in this magazine.

Stories, poems, narration of interesting incidents at school, jokes, cartoons, pictures short essays etc. by students will be published in this magazine. Parents and teachers can also contribute to this magazine. We give maximum promotion to the talented ones.

Highlights of August 2017 Issue

August 2017
  • The front page picture and feature focus on M.T. Vasudevan Nair, eminent writer and movie director.
  • The poem ‘Thank you, come Again’ by Madhav Balakrishnan follows.
  • A new column, ‘Smart English’ is started in this issue.
  • Our new President, Ramnath Kovind is given pride of place,
  • while sports personalities, Dr. Roger Bannister, Roger Federer and Usain Bolt are featured subsequently.
  • Ode to Autumn by John Keats is followed by a list of prominent painters is given along with their photos.
  • This issue also has a good old story, ‘The Saint and the Wolf’, compiled by Indira R Pillai,
  • as also a factual story written by Dr. Usha Menon, Chief Editor.
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