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Little Hands is an exclusive English Magazine for children published from Trivandrum. It is a unit of Simple Graphics (SG's) that deals in educational CDs. It is sure to entertain and educate children. It is designed in a manner that it adds to their imagination and makes them resourceful. Regular reading of Little Hands will contribute to their word power and general standard of English language.

We promise to introduce to children the best models in English writing. Classic novels will be retold and published in this magazine.

Stories, poems, narration of interesting incidents at school, jokes, cartoons, pictures short essays etc. by students will be published in this magazine. Parents and teachers can also contribute to this magazine. We give maximum promotion to the talented ones.

Highlights of January 2017 Issue

January 2017
  • The January edition of Little Hands is a memorable magazine for many reasons.
  • First, the front – page portrait of the departed founder editor, Dr. Ravindran Nair, and a brief account of his noble life are touching, to say the least.
  • However, the resolve of the new editor Dr. Usha Menon and her colleagues to make publication worthy of Dr. Menon is very much re-assuring.
  • This issue is also notable in motivating. The introduction of two new columns – ‘Sports & Games’ and the Film – page are sure to attract and satisfy the young readers.
  • The other features such as ‘Did you Know’, ‘Science Tips’, ‘Test your English’ and other motivational items are revealing and rewarding.
  • Robert Browning’s popular poem ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ and its interpretation can also be regarded as a fine addition to this month’s content.
  • The Editor Board deserves to be complimented on having given the magazine a new look.
  • The noble Founder – Editor will only be glad to see these changes.
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