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Highlights of July 2013 Issue

July 2013
  • ‘Letter from Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher’ is the cover story. Linconln as a practical and humble man aspiring to see his son reach heights but binding to restrictions imposed by teachers and being fed on with all virtues and lessons of life, is revealed in this letter.
  • A classic story by Oscar Wilde that presents before students a model to writing in English
  • Childhood of Shakespeare that throws light on the life of Little Shakespeare which is otherwise not known to the public
  • The mystery and wonder of how some common words came in  to being is revealed in this issue
  • Tips of Boosting Memory power
  • Highly exciting, mysterious story
  • Tips to become  a good boy
  • ‘Children who made it big’ series that reveals life story of great men who rose to heights from humble and ordinary levels of performance.  Highly motivating, entertaining, yet sparing  valuable information.
  • Lipogrammatic  verse . Different versions of the popular rhyme: Mary had a little lamb.  A rare collection
  • Amazing facts, puzzles to puzzle you, ‘ Personalities who change the world’ series, stories and poems by children, articles on G.K., cross word puzzle, SMS jokes, picture stories etc.  add to its worth.