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Highlights of August 2013 Issue

August 2013
  • Hidden moments in the life of Charlie Chaplin help readers view the other side of the renowned comedian.
  • The writing style of George Orwell, a master writer in English is introduced to children.  This would be a true source of inspiration for those aspiring to develop their style in writing.
  • ‘Learn language’ is a series that teaches the basics of language.  This column aims at improving the quality of written and oral language.  It makes one feel the presence of a compassionate teacher.
  • The inspiring life story of Bajaj gives a reading experience.
  • ‘A case for good pre-schools’ discusses the scope and methods of training pre-school.  students from a new vision.  It too is a series.
  • Vocabulary builder.  This is in fact a rare sought-after teaching aid which is not available other wise.
  • Supernatural mysteries that appear in the magazine thrill and excite readers.
  • A doubt clearing session is included, students and teachers can clear their doubts in any area of language.
  • Children’s articles, picture story etc.