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Highlights of January 2014 Issue

January 2014
  • Swami Vivekananda, India’s pride and icon of our culture, delivered his speech at Chicago in 1893 at the World Religious Parliament, a highly inspiring and motivating event in history.  The speech is reproduced on the pages of Little Hands.
  • The classic fairy story ‘The Beauty and Beast ‘ is an ever thrilling experience for young readers.
  • Science experiment, the permanent column excites the readers
  • An article on the mysteries of Mona Lisa’s smile appears on the pages of this issue, is catching.
  • Translation of Gurudeva’s Vinayakashtka is quite auspicious.
  • Tribute to Tradition (Susrutha) and ‘Know our neighbour’ (Pakistan) are two new columns that spare much information to students
  • ‘Superstition and prejudice embedded in words’ throws light on the origin of certain words, popular beliefs behind them and so on.  Very interesting  revelations.
  • Walt Disney is a popular figure among children.  All about Disney is given in an article.
  • Series like ‘Learn language’, ‘Maths corner’, anecdotes from the life of celebrities, picture story, pre-school management, Amazing facts, test your English, rare grammar lessons, Vocabulary builders, ghost story, SMS jokes, etc. also find room on the pages of this issue of Little Hands