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Highlights of February 2014 Issue

February 2014
  • Benazir Bhutto appears on the face page of this issue.  Her speech quoted here is simple, yet splendid.  Students will find it a pleasant experience to go through the outlook of an once-strong prime minister of Pakistan, our neighbouring country.
  • A write up on ‘360 degree’, a group of teen aged amateur photographers throws light on their aptitudes and attitudes towards this art.
  • The classic story ‘overcoat’ by Ruskin Bond is catching. A briefing on Charaka, the renowned physician of the lore and the life story of football legend Diego Maradona enrich this issue.
  • Sir Isaac Newton is the ‘great personality’ of the issue.  The write up adds to your impression of this unique scientist. 
  • A rather modern sort of reflection on Gandhiji by Syamnath and a column meant to spare awareness on law by adv. Basil Ajith make the magazine catch up with the times. 
  • ‘The curious similarities between Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy’ is a glimpse on history that excites the reader. 
  • Usual columns by Prof.Srivaraham Balakrishnan, Dr. Ushamenon (Phonetics) Language study, Test your English, Amazing facts, maths corner, stories and poems by students, motivational articles etc. fill the other pages of the issue, contributing to its value.