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Highlights of April 2014 Issue

April 2014
  • The speech on the face page is that of Swami Rama Thirtha.  The words of swami directly appeal to children.
  • An extract from the biography of Aurobindo titled ‘The power of imagination’ is given in this issue.  It spares some new thoughts on the topic.  Stories and novels of Charles Dickens educate and entertain readers.  They contribute to the character formation of children for sure. ‘Oliver Twist’ is summarised and given chapter wise.
  • ‘A glance at history’ discusses the existence of Dwarika, the city of lord Krishna long back.  It is very interesting to meet face to face with places in the legend, and recognize them as those existed here in the lore.
  • Gandhiji’s concepts on character and education are given in compact.  They are worthy of elaboration and serious discussion.  S. Gopakumar of Addone Books has contributed this.
  • ‘Amma from Kashi’ is a heart-rendering story by Dr. Ushamenon.  It is sure to restore certain values to children of the present generation.  Poems by Master writers and students side by side offer a good reading experience.
  • Mikhael Jordan, the famous basket ball player is the guest of the month.  His life is really inspiring.  The story of Leo Tolstoy, the great writer is also thrilling just as his works.
  • ‘Facts about the letters in the alphabet’ spares many exciting pieces of information on each of the alphabet.  Really  valuable information.
  • All usual, columns of phonetics, language learning, maths corner, grammar lessons, news, amazing facts, ghost story etc. invariably make the issue a perfect one.