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Highlights of May 2014 Issue

May 2014
  • ‘Give me blood and I promise you freedom’.  The words  of Subhash Chandra Bose once ignited the patriotic spirits of every Indian.  A historic speech of Bose is cited on the face page of Little Hands for the sake of the youngsters.  Oliver Twist continues while a beautiful story by C. Rajagopalachari is published towards ‘classic story’ series.

  • ‘The story behind the idioms and phrases’ familiarises children with the interesting stories that lie hidden behind certain  idioms and phrases.  A very interesting collection of amusing  riddles enrich this issue.  In the Maths Corner a new title ‘gallery too has appeared.  This issue of ‘gallery’ discusses the life and achievements of Archimedes. Sri. B. Krishnan Nair handles this popular column.   Dr. Deepa Prasad. L. opens a word study column in this issue.  This is also of highly useful to students.

  • Dr. Ushamenon presents Tagore, the versatile person as one of the makers of India.

  • ‘Guru’ by Sri Kilimanoor Balan introduces to children the great Social reformer of Kerala, Sri Narayana Guru and his poems.  The translations of Sri Balan do justice to the original work in Malayalam.  ’21 Handpicked quotes to inspire teachers’ by Raghu Ram Malladi is excellent tips to teachers.
  • ‘Great personalities’ series presents J.C. Bose the story of whose experiments thrill and fill us with pride.
  • News at a glance, language learning, doubt clearing, grammar tips, motivational columns, stories, poems glance at history, phonetics etc. complete the concept of a children’s magazine.