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Highlights of July 2014 Issue

July 2014
  • Famous Indian Revolutionary Chandra Sekhar Azad’s briefing is the main story in the July issue.  He is really a ‘rare species’ in the present day India.
  • ‘The lesson of lessons’ by Prof.Vishnu Narayanan Namboodiri is an interesting story that leaves a striking moral.  A briefing on Aryabhata adds to our pride on India’a past.
  • Two motivational write-ups are included in this issue.  Luck and revenge are looked upon from a different point of view. ‘Stigmata’ tells us of a strange and amazing phenomenon.  Steffi Graf is introduced to the young generation in this issue.
  • Oscar wild is one of the ever greatest writers of the world.  Little Hands gives an interesting account of the master writer.
  • Prof. Dr.Usha Menon enriches this issue with her short story of great charm.
  • A teaching from Bhagavat Gita under the heading  ’Feeding the brain’ is poetic and highly inspiring. ‘The extras’ is a description of ghost experience.
  • ‘More sinned against than sinning’ is a poem by the veteran writer Prof.G.N. Panikkar, which adds to the pride of the issue.
  • Articles by children, stories, poems, grammar lessons, novel-series, column of Dr.Deepa Prasad, news at a glance and other usual columns leave this issue a remarkable one.