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Highlights of January 2015 Issue

January 2015

January issue of the magazine has certain changes in it. C.V. Raman’s speech appears on the front page. An urdu story translated into English is introduced as classic story. ‘Sakuni still alive’ by Sathikumaran Nair is a very nice observation. The famous Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes is introduced to readers. ‘If I were as tiny as an ant’ is a nice story by Nazia R. Hassan.

‘Magic Corner’ presents a magic calendar. It evokes interest in young readers. ‘Fear’ by Mohan V. Nair is a close look at the subject. Poems and essays by student talents fill a whole page of Little Hands. It is followed by some classic poems meant for children.

Mahatma Gandhi possessed a good command over English language. In order to introduce to Gandhiji’s language, a chapter from his auto biography is given in this issue.

A coaching on Sanskrit starts in Little Hands. Prior to that, an introduction to the ‘Language of Gods’ appears in the January issue. ‘Beauty and Beast’, the classic novel is summarized and the first section is included. Besides the usual columns ‘Amazing facts’ ‘Doubt clearing Sessions’, ‘Test your English’, ‘Words Words’, ‘Maths Corner’ etc., numerous articles on G.K and Language skills adorn this issue.