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Highlights of April 2015 Issue

April 2015
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the greatest of intellectuals India has ever seen is introduced to readers in the April issue. The anecdote related to the birth of Nehru appears in this issue is quite interesting. ‘One day I decided to quit’ by Hari Prasad Menon is a highly motivational story. ‘Settled in Mars!’ tells you about a lady, chosen to travel to Mars and settle down there in 2024 along with people world wide.
  • Two articles on an ancient mummy is given in this issue of Little Hands since there were enquiries about the same. This would help children in their project works.
  • Translation of a poem of Sree Narayana Guru by Kilimanoor Balan is included. ‘The Longest Walk’ by Sathi Kumaran Nair looks at the epic from a different point of view. April issue introduces to children the celebrated writer H.G. Wells. Science Corner and Maths Corner will entertain and add to the intellect of Children.
  • Little Hands aims at contributing to the communication skills in English. Many columns and articles aiming to achieve this are included in this issue as before. For those who are looking for pictures of fruits for project work can rely on the 23rd page of Little Hands. On the whole, April issue is worth going through.