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Highlights of May 2015 Issue

May 2015
  • Many of us are confused over National Anthem and National Song of India. The very face page of Little Hands tells you about their difference. Nobel Laureate Hertha Muller’s speech also appears right above it. Ruskin Bond, the pride of India is also introduced in detail.
  • ‘Rahula’, the short story continued from the last issue has its completion. Two Magic tricks for beginners are really funny. P. Sathikumaran Nair tells the story of heart transplantation of the yore.
  • Mohammed Rafi, the immortal singer appears in an article. Readers will definitely value this write-up.
  • One of the attractions of May issue of Little Hands is that it arrays several motivational articles. Students who reflect on them will be highly inspired. ‘Great tasks are assigned to us by Almighty’ is really touching.
  • Funny side of English, Doubt clearing session, Test your English, internet words, Dog-words, etc. help in developing language skills of children. Similarly, the poems by children that appeared in this issue bear marks of great talent. That is why they are included along with the poems of classic writers. Articles by Dr. P.R. Geetha and Dr. Vijayalekshmi on corals and dasapushpam respectively add to the worth of the journal.
  • India’s Social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy also gets introduced to the new generation. All other usual columns follow suit.