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Highlights of June 2015 Issue

May 2015
  • The last issue of the second year of publication of Little Hands. In two years, the magazine has grown circulation wise and content wise.
  • Gary.S. Becker, a nobel prize laureate appears on the face page with his typical speech.
  • Hemis festival of Jammu and Kashmir shares the page.
  • ‘BR Ambedkar, the man who fought against the tide’, is put close to the editorial.
  • The classic story ‘Stamp Album’ discusses child psychology.
  • The story of Alfred Nobel who initiated Nobel prize, appears in this issue.
  • ‘Believe it or not’ in the June issue is quite frightening.
  • An article on the class poet Kumaranasan that appears in Little Hands is quite informative.
  • ‘The great Indian Saga’ that appeared in the last issue continues in this issue.
  • The famous astronomer Copernicus is discussed under the title ‘Great tradition’.
  • Story of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is really motivating.
  • ‘Animals movements’ is in the colour page that helps the students in doing their project work.
  • Maths corner, Scince corner, Vocabulary builder, test you English, anecdots, classic poems, students’ talents etc. as usual, form part of Little Hands.
  • They contribute to the benefit of the readers. News at a glance, editorial, National integrity etc. add to the solidarity of the journal.