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Highlights of July 2015 Issue

May 2015
  • Amartya Sen’s speech is the focus of the July issue of Little Hands
  • Under ‘the festivals of India’. Pongal is narrated.
  • ‘Do we only use ten per cent of our brain?’ is a thought –evoking write up.
  • ‘The first smuggling’ by Sathikumaran Nair tells the story of how plantain reached earth from heaven.
  • ‘Our close relative, the mouse’ views mouse from a new angle.
  • Hariprasad Menon’s article ‘Is eating plant a sin?’ answers a baffling question. It encourages vegetarianism and discourages non-veg food.
  • ‘Advent of a mysterious Goddess’ is an interesting phenomenon that falls under the column’ ‘believe it or not’.
  • ‘The great Indian saga has its third and last section in this issue.
  • The story of Varahamihira appears under the little ‘Pride of our tradition.’
  • A brief biography of Swami Vivekananda appears under the column ‘Personalities.’
  • Science Corner, Maths Corner etc. are rich in content.
  • Similarly, ‘test your English’, ‘doubt clearing session’, vocabulary builders, Amazing facts etc. also leave the issue quite notable.
  • Small articles such as ‘stagnant water stinks’, ‘Heat rises’, ‘Sir John Fredrik William’, ‘Sharing’, ‘simple health tips’, ‘disease’, ‘The school of my imagination’, ‘classic poems’ and a write up on Yakshagana make the July issue worthy of appreciation.