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Highlights of September 2015 Issue

September 2015
  • Many have started appreciating and criticizing Little Hands Seriously. This approach indicates that the magazine is getting more and more popular. We therefore record our gratitude to all who read and promote our magazine and keep it live throughout.
  • The September issue has KumbhMela and the Speech of the 14th Dalai Lama on the front page. The back cover page depicts the margam Kali, a dance performance of the Christians at the bottom. The colour pictures of the nine gems adorn the same page.
  • The classic story ‘The swinehead’ is much appealing to students. Amazing facts of this issue are really stunning.
  • The story of JCB by P. Sathikumaran Nair is strikingly interesting.
  • Two historical mysteries were given in the September issue. These are really exciting ones.
  • The ghost stories that appear in Little Hands are much liked by youngsters. This issue also presents the story of an excellent ghost that still lives in records!
  • ‘Science Corner’ is rich enough to get the applaud of science-enthusiasts . Classic Poems, Stories and motivational write-ups do have influence on children.
  • Their responses show that they well-appreciate each and every item that appears on the pages of the magazine. Keep it up, dear ones!
  • The column ‘Actually factually’, grammar lessons, ‘art gallery’, ‘Pride of India’ etc. also attract them.
  • Hence we are more keen in making these columns more appealing to them. Maths corner, Test Your English, Doubt Clearing session etc. too make the issue entertaining as well as educating at the same time.