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Highlights of October 2015 Issue

October 2015
  • Bhagat Singh was the icon of patriotism, hot and blind. His words are still inspiring. In the October issue our young readers are introduced to his speech he delivered at the court, fearless, and justifying his acts.
  • The classic story ‘Seven foals’ is meant for students of U.P. Class.
  • A few number of ‘strange but fact’ pieces are given over different pages.
  • The life of Gautama Buddha will definitely inspire us all.
  • Hariprasad chaurasya, the renowned flautist is also introduced to the readers.
  • Every body likes laughter. We get many letters asking to include jokes. Hence a full page was set apart for laughter in the October issue.
  • ‘Learn Something every day’ is a motivational write up by M. Satheesh Kumar, Principal of NVKSHS School, Attoor.
  • We do entertain articles by teachers since they know the children and their needs closely.
  • Several Grammar lessons are included in the October issue which would benefit the children greatly.
  • ‘Know our India’ presents rare Photographs of the origin of river Ganga, Sivalinga formed of ice etc.
  • They were taken from the collection of a frequent traveler to Himalayas by name Jyothi, Kaladi, Tvm.
  • Art gallery, festivals of India, National Integrity, Amazing facts etc. that adron the colour pages are all excellent.
  • All other regular columns follow suit.