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Highlights of November 2015 Issue

November 2015
  • November issue of Little Hands has on its face page, a speech by Winston Churchill. This speech provides an inspiring language pattern for children.
  • The story behind the festival of Diwali appears under the column ‘festivals of India’.
  • Sathinkumaran Nair presents the story of Ekalavya as the first concept of distance education in fiction.
  • ‘The path of Dharma’  by Hariprasad Menon is quite motivating.
  • Kathak, one of the most important classical dances of India, is given focus in this issue.
  • ‘Amazing facts’ included in this issue are quite interesting.
  • Two science projects have been introduced. Students can practise them at home. Photographs of Amarnath Cave and the Shrine there evoke an awesome feeling on the readers.
  • Sir. M. Viswesvaraya is the ‘man of pride of India’ included in the November issue of the magazine.
  • ‘Science Corner’ answers some stock questions of every science enthusiast.
  • ‘Personal triumph of Agnes De milk’ tells the story of how a stroke ruined the career of a celebrated dancer all of a sudden. It also tells how she faced the crisis and defeated the fate. It is really a motivational story of survival.
  • The scientist Sir Humphrey Davy’s life is also introduced to children.
  • Classic story, maths corner, doubt clearing session, news at a glance etc. appear on their respective pages.
  • As far as English grammar is concerned, this issue seems to be very rich. Children as well as their parents and teachers are sure to keep them safe for the worth of the grammar lessons in it.