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Highlights of December 2015 Issue

December 2015
  • Little Hands is no longer a tabloid newspaper! It has become the size and shape of a typical magazine.
  • Magazine of this size and shape is in fact manifestation of your own ­- readers’ own – long- demanded dream. Now you decide its fate!
  • In this issue, Jawaharlal Nehru speaks to his nation. Bit of his inspiring talk is introduced to the young generation.
  • Amrita Pritam and Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, two of celebrated Indian authors are introduced in this issue.
  • Kilimanoor Balan has started a new column titled ‘wisdom corner’.
  • This column is intended to communicate to children and evoke in them positive values. What a peaceful mind can do’ is an inspiring article by Hari Prasad Menon. We thank both the writers for their contributions.
  • ‘Work is as natural as play or rest’ is an article that sets before the young readers a new perception of work. Secret behind the magic is a source of excitement for the viewers (readers also). Two magic tricks are imparted to the youngsters in this issue of Little Hands.
  • Frank O’ cornor is the author of many classic books. Little Hands has introduced to children, his style of writing in this issue.
  • ‘Hindu festivals’ column presents all about Govardhana pooja.
  • Gandhiji’s view on religion is revealed in the article ‘Glimpses of religion’. It is an extract from his autobiography
  • ‘A letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter’ reveals his tender attitude to his daughter inspite  of being a great scientist. All other columns find room in this issue also.