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Highlights of January 2016 Issue

January 2016
  • Appearance of professionalism in layout is the hallmark of January 2016 issue of Little Hands. Alva Myrdal, the Nobel laureate appears on the face page.
  • Believe it or not, humor etc. appear on the column page. ‘Rose is not Indian’ is a new revelation to the youngsters.
  • ‘Mrs. Pepperpot’ is an interesting fairy tale which is fit for light reading only. Two of Indian writers Mohammad Iqubal and Mulk Raj Anand are introduced over the next page.
  • ‘The Titanic’ is known to us. But do you know anything about its sister –ships? You may come across the exciting story in this issue. The famous scientist A.M. Chakrabarty is presented before the readers
  • ‘Wisdom corner’ by Kilimanoor continues. The article ‘Mysteries’ and the magic tricks will prove the favourites of the youngsters for sure.
  • ‘You don’t know how to pray’ is an anecdot from Gandhiji’s life. Such articles impart to children great values of life.
  • ‘Extra sensory powers of animals and birds’ reveals a super natural mystery.
  • It has the effect of a suspence –thriller on readers. ‘The moving stones of Death Valley’ is fiction– like, but an exciting reality! ‘How the rhinoceros got his skin’ is a nice story meant to amuse kids. You may read it and enjoy it without any strain.
  • Several bits of information such as TV free life in Mumbai, admission to ‘bad’ students in  a school in Calcutta, Tram car for marriage function etc. too enrich this issue. Maths corner, grammar lessons, news at a glance and the like, as usual appear on their due pages.