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Highlights of February 2016 Issue

February 2016
  • Karl Marx appears on the face page of February issue of Little Hands.
  • Reading the man who caused great revolutions in the world would be really an exciting experience.
  • The story of the sacrifice of the bees’ by Dr. Geeta and an article on the tower of London are in the opening pages.
  • They are followed by two folk tales. Both are good for light-reading. Vinod Mehta and Madhu Kishwar are the Indian authors introduced to readers in the present issue.
  • ‘Puzzle to Puzzle you’ and ‘incredible coincidences’ are two articles that appeal to your excitement.
  • ‘History mystory’ (The amber room) and ‘Actually Factually’ (Napolean was short) evoke interest of the reader in history.
  • ‘Mysteries’ (Dragons) also seems to be widely read. ‘God draws great souls to Himself’, ‘Presence of mind is the Biggest weapon’ etc. are highly inspiring write ups.
  • Two other pages are also devoted to motivational articles. They do have great impact on readers. It is owing to the presence of such articles that many keep subscribing to this unique magazine.
  • ‘Cultural causerie’ is a new column by Prof. G.N. Panikkar on the pages of Little Hands. He is an authority on English language and literature.
  • An article of ‘Rakshabandhan’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ by Hair Prasad Menon, ‘Words can make a difference’ by G.S. Rejani etc. add to the worth of the issue.
  • All other columns appear unfailingly on their respective pages.