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Highlights of April 2016 Issue

April 2016
  • Nobel lecture of Muhammad Yunus adorns the face page of this issue.
  • Write ups on Aranmula Kannadi and Serpent Groves of Kerala appear on the opening page. Both are exclusive attractions of Kerala.
  • ‘Eye of Horus’, article by Sathikumaran Nair points to the traditional belief that ‘all medicines are poisons unless prescribed by a doctor’.
  • Hariprasad Menon tells the tale of two seas namely the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee ‘Golden words of Gurudev’ inspires the reader instantly.
  • ‘Nothing in life is to be feared….’ and ‘Great things are done more through courage than through wisdom’ are two motivational poems.
  • There is an article on child behavior that reveals the ten basic needs of children. Grown-ups have to hear in mind these points.
  • The chapter taken from Tagore’s life-story and the experience with Stephen Hawking, the differently abled scientist, are really worthy of reading. They add to the nobility of young readers.
  • Magic tricks, maths corner, Introduction of Indian writers, Puzzles, Grammar lessons, Test your English, News at a glance, Hindu festival etc. are, as usual, essential part of Little Hands. They are as good as in other issues.
  • ‘History Mystery’ tells us about a matter in the category of UFO.
  • It evokes the curiosity of all readers indeed.
  • The new column by Prof. G.N. Panikkar is strikingly good in this issue.
  • He pays tribute to the late ONV Kurup and Dr. N.A. Karim in this column.