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Highlights of May 2016 Issue

May 2016
  • Renowned political leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi appears in the face page of Little Hands May issue.
  • Article on the famous escape-magician Harry Houdini is the main attraction in the May issue of the magazine.
  • The long poem by Prof. G.N. Panikkar is another high light of this issue.
  • Under the ‘Wisdom Corner’, Kilimanoor Balan exhorts the readers not to say ‘yes’ when they want to say ‘no’.
  • The column ‘History Mystery’ discusses sightings of very small-sized elephants in Congo, Cameroon, Gabon etc.
  • ‘All for a friend’ is an interesting short story that tells the bandage of friendship.
  • Ghost stories always attract readers. ‘Making friends’ is a ghost story that make the readers spellbound.
  • A calendar magic and a number game are included in the ‘Maths corner’ of this issue.
  • ‘The willow-wren and the Bear’ is a folk story meant for kids. They are sure to enjoy it.
  • Motivational articles such as ‘Kind to all…’, ‘Ideal son to ideal mother’ etc. contribute to the wisdom of children.
  • ‘Paints also enjoy music’ imparts valuable knowledge on the said- subject. ‘Patience’ tells the value of the quality in the form of story.
  • Grammar lessons, news, articles by children etc. fill the other pages of the May issue.