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Highlights of June 2016 Issue

June 2016
  • Mark Twain is a familiar name among school children. His speech is given on the cover page of June Issue.
  • Very little is known about the personal life of the most renowned dramatist Shakespeare.
  • Therefore the article on the personal life of the writer that appears in Little Hands needs to be appreciated.
  • This will benefit the students a lot, indeed. Similarly, the introduction given to Alfred Nobel in whose name the Nobel Prizes are given, is quite informative.
  • ‘The Borely Rectory’ the haunted house in history is an exciting article.
  • The ‘Wisdom corner’ by Kilimanoor Balan in this issue discusses how the time remains different in different countries of the world.
  • This article is quite informative. The ‘Amber room’ reveals to us another mistery of the past.
  • ‘A Supreme Sacrifice’ is a touching story by Gyandev Rai Chaudhary.
  • ‘Super computers’, ‘E-mail’ etc. help students acquire more knowledge on the concerned subjects.
  • The article on creativity clearly throws light on the various aspects on the concept.
  • Children can attempt to write on similar subjects, taking inspiration from this.
  • ‘Top ten security precautions when using social net working sites’ by Manoj is of atmost importance.
  • Both the children and the adults have to follow the suggestions.
  • The write up ‘Gangothri P.O.’ imparts an exciting piece of knowledge.
  • ‘Non-violent punishment’ tells us about an anecdot in the life of Dr. Arun Gandhi.
  • Grammar lessons, news and other columns, make the issue a complete reading material.