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Highlights of July 2016 Issue

July 2016
  • Little Hands is designed as a complete magazine for children. It is educative as well as entertaining.
  • While appreciating the worth of the magazine, each and every article has to be considered. But only the most remarkable ones are referred to here.
  • William Golding is a golden name in English literature. His Speech is introduced to the young readers in this issue.
  • They can evaluate his language. P. Sathikumaran Nair is our favourite columinist who imparts some information extra ordinarily exciting and uncommon.
  • In this issue he writes on the most popular and costliest song in the world. Really interesting. Hari Parasad Menon is another columnist who passes over to us values and virtues through simple stories.
  • ‘Maths Corner’ by B. Krishnan Nair is quite interesting. It helps students enjoy and love Maths.
  • The columns by Kilimanoor Balan and Prof. G.N. Panikkar are equally inspiring.
  • Sreevaraham Balakrishnan Sir also contributes to the worth of the magazine. We take it a chance to thank them all whole-heartedly.
  • ‘Old Dudes’ is a Bible story that appears in this issue.
  • The Nobel Prize winner Paul Heyse is introduced to children. Indian writers R.K. Laxman and R.K. Narayan are also introduced briefly.
  • ‘Duties of a citizen’ is an article that teaches children their responsibilities as a citizen.
  • ‘My dad brave’ is a poem that pays homage to the martyrdom of Brave Indian Soldiers.
  • The poet is V.S. Sreekumar. The historical story ‘Jorawar Singh’, article titled ‘Better now than never’ are highly motivational.
  • Short story titled ‘The mystery of the Donely manson’ is also worthy of mention.
  • ‘Count your blessings’ is really an eye-opener.
  • ‘Change with times’ helps the reader in preparing for a positive change in course of time.
  • Major animals of India appear in the colour page. Tulsi marriage under ‘Hindu Festivals’ is also colourful.