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Highlights of August 2016 Issue

August 2016
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri is a noble name in Indian politics. He is closely introduced to young readers in the face page of August issue of Little Hands.
  • ‘How was Sherlock Homes born?’ is an article that evokes massive interest.
  • ‘It pays to enrich your word power’ adds to your confidence in the language ‘Lost, but found at last’ is a story Prof. Sree Varaham Balakrishnan wrote in the magazine after a long gap. It is really a story to remember, as he cites.
  • Many students have come forward to write Little Hands this time. We congratulate them all whole-heartedly.
  • Similarly, anecdotes from the lives of many celebrities also adorn the pages of the magazine. They are sure to provide good reading experience.
  • Indian writers Kuldip Nayyar and Lal Lajpat Rai are introduced briefly with ‘The cycle of time’, Prof. Dr. Usha Menon resumes writing in her favourite magazine.
  • A really glad news.‘The Archbishop’s cook’ is a nice short story. Kilimanoor Balan tells us about the importance of the month of Karkidaka which proves to be of much beneficial to the new generation.
  • The article on E-commerce is quite informative.
  • ‘Will the Taj crumble?’ raises a question of contemporary relevance.
  • ‘Three Vidya Mantras’ need to be read carefully, for they are success spells.
  • All usual columns enrich the issue immensely.