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Highlights of September 2016 Issue

September 2016
  • Very often touch characters speak sweet. Joseph Stalin speaks in the face page of September issue of Little Hands.
  • You may evaluate his tongue. Contributions of students make this issue more attractive. ‘My favourite teacher’, ‘My favourite poet’ etc. are write-ups of students.
  • ‘The miser and the purse’, ‘Kindness pays’, ‘ The secret of sound sleep’, ‘The manager and the watchman’, Three greedy friends’ etc. are stories by students some of them are, however heard early! This is not fair. Next time, write your own stories, OK?
  • ‘The Book I like most’ by Kumar Amal is trend –setting. ‘If you love me, love my dog’ by Kilimanoor Balan is relevant in the present day society.
  • Manu Vasudev writes from Goa on the importance of Teachers’ day.
  • ‘My wish’ is a nice poem by Alka Mohan who writes to Little Hands frequently. Congratulations!.
  • ‘Grandma learnt English’ by Dr. Usha Menon is an interesting experience she shares with the readers.
  • Prof. Sreevaraham Balakrishnan writes on the noblest of all professions. He himself being a teacher apart from his service at different offices, he sees through it closely.
  • ‘What’s in a name’, The Chupacobra (History Mystery), ‘An entrance with a difference’ ‘No one person is usless’ (Hariprasad Menon), Motivational articles, usual columns etc. enrich the issue.